Festive Lights

Festive Lights 3.0

A lightset for the holidays


  • White, multicolor or custom
  • Eight patterns
  • Lots of settings


  • Only shows in Dashboard


Feeling festive? Once you've finished decorating your house it's time to move on to your Mac. Festive Light will bring Christmas lights onto your Dashboard. We really enjoyed the quality of the lights and all the advanced settings you can configure. Not only can you choose between white or multicolor lights, you can also create your own or download some from the developer's website. Festive Lights also offers up to eight patterns like twinkling, chase or blink.

Conscientious users will probably go as far as setting the twinkle density, chaser spacing or other elements, but we believe the default setting of the widget is fine. A minor drawback is that Festive Lights will only appear when you're Dashboard is active, and will stay hidden away otherwise. At least it won't use up too much memory.

Festive Lights makes for a perfect seasonal decoration for your Dashboard.

Every year I release a new lightset for the Christmas season; this year, I'm trying something new. I created Festive Lights with the aim of bringing joy to all who adorn their Dashboard with their twinkling brilliance, and this year I want to bring those feelings to another group of individuals who are just as deserving of it.


  • Choice of white, multicolored, or a multitude of custom lightsets
  • Eight available light patterns including blink, twinkle, and chase
  • Adjustable speed and scale
  • Adjustable settings for twinkle density, grouped blinking, chaser spacing, and more
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Multiple placement options

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Festive Lights


Festive Lights 3.0

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